Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We are into email marketing service for past 8 years when this thing was really very new and nascent to the world. With the evolution of email marketing unfortunately it took a big route towards spamming and unsolicited bulk emailing as a reason of which there are today several spambots, traps, honey pots etc which are planted by various email service providers and security companies.

Any list which is generally bought or harvested has the following components which can firstly harm your domain and IP reputation and secondly waste your time, efforts and money in mailing to the unwanted data over and over again.

We have a very well-studied, researched and proven solution wherein we can clean your entire data with 90 – 95 % accuracy.

What we do in this entire process

Stage 1

  • De-duplicate your entire data
  • Scan and Remove the invalid entries like @ missing, domain missing or domain extension missing etc.
  • Generate a unique set of available email addresses

Stage 2

  • Scanning and scrubbing the data and marking it for Spam Traps and Honeypots
  • Moles
  • Keys
  • Seeds
  • NetProtect (reporting to some anti-spam gateways)

Stage 3

  • Scanning and validating the data
  • Identifying hard bounces
  • Complainers and litigators
  • ID’s with low reputation
  • Blacklists

After going through this entire process there is a clean and usable data achieved. Which not only helps you save the domain and IP reputation but also saves a lot on your recurring emailing costs because you save on your recurring campaigns by not sending emails to unwanted email records.

Charges for the same are AED 10,000 Per Million records.

We can ensure the best cleaning process of clients existing data. Our process includes 3 stages of tests.

Stage 1
Removing the duplicates and invalid data

Stage 2
Cleaning the unique data for Spam traps, seeds, quarantine, honey pots and complainers

Stage 3
Then cleaning the clean data for hard bounces and litigators
The outcome will have the clean data which will have 90% + deliverability and would be completely neat data.
The charges for the same are AED 10,000 per million records.