Mobile Application Budget – What Should You Pay Attention?

Mobile Application

Before you put into practice the type of mobile application you want, you need to have a sense of how that Android App development Dubai will take place. You must have knowledge in Android App design and development. What’s more, different technologies are used to create an Mobile application.

You will certainly find digital agencies such as Sandesh Solution to develop mobile applications. It also offers a range of strategies so that your final mobile application is a success story. It has the 360ยบ vision to create a digital consulting based on: understanding, finding and achieving the ultimate goal of your business. After delivery of the project, it still offers training so that your team understands all the features of your project and manages to keep all information up to date and in accordance with the strategies developed.

According to a New York Times poll, of the time people spend using their smartphone, 90 percent are dedicated to apps. This causes you to have a high production of applications.

But how much would it cost to create an Android application?

To know this answer, first pay attention to this example: when you go to buy a cell phone, you have several questions that are answered, how much memory does it have? What is its processor? How is its camera? As you respond, you will be selecting the criteria until you reach the ideal model.

Just like a mobile device, you will have different budgets to create an application. You will get more results if you search the internet.

Depending on the features that your application will have, its value will be different. It is important that you keep in mind all the features you want to deploy in Android App development Dubai. You will also need to assess whether you want to create an application yourself, hire a professional company such as Sandesh Solution or freelancers to develop it.

These choices will have a direct impact on the investment that will be made to develop the application.

You must be aware of the following features to develop an application:

  • The business model;
  • Its functionalities;
  • The operating system;
  • Design;
  • Admin panel.


Business model

It’s an important way, because it is that will define how you will get money from the application. It is thinking of a business model that will help the search for investors and make a more effective disclosure.


The models can be: Paid app, free with paid service, with ads and mixed.



Once you choose the business model of your application, it’s time to imagine the functions it will have.


When logging in, will it be by email or social login? Location by GPS? Call with a click? Will you share it directly with the social network? All these functions a mobile handset features.


Operation platform

After defining your business model and the functions that your application will have, you must choose which operating systems it will be developed on. The two most commonly used are: iOS and Android.



Build a good view of your application, as well as the interaction it will have with your users. There needs to be a connection between the chosen functions and the application design.


Admin panel

In this field, you can keep track of key data, as well as user actions. The organization of the application has to be in a way that does not cause difficulties for the user.


Company or freelancer?

With all the application you choose, the time to set who will develop it will dictate how much your application will cost.


Usually the freelancer option is the most chosen, because it is the cheapest, but choosing this type is putting on the table the risks that it can cause.


Getting hire an Android App development Dubai Company is more expensive, but offers greater security. We at Sandesh Solution can assist in any possible manner respective to your app development requirements with best quote.