WordPress Site Hacked

My website is hacked. What to do?

Website is the primary form of discovering your business in today’s digital times. It symbolizes your presence and proof of online reachability. It has become more important to have a secure website so your business is not impacted.

So what happens when your website is suddenly down and you cant get it back? We have put together list of things to do when your website is hacked

Trouble shooting steps for hacked website

Can you login to your WordPress admin panel? www.sitename.com/wp-admin
Is your WordPress site redirecting to another website? It is crucial that you change your passwords before you start the clean up. You will also need to change your passwords, when you’re done cleaning the hack. Only share the website password with trusted people and make it complicated enough. Try to avoid the username as administrator or admin as it becomes easy to guess for a hacker.

Step 1

Check with your hosting company
Sometimes the hack may have affected more than just your site, especially if you are on shared hosting. Check our domain hosting package details here ( put that service page link for the domain hosting package keywords )

Step 2

If you have backups for your WordPress site, then it may be best to restore from an earlier point when the site wasn’t hacked. Save your backup on server and a secure place so you can retrieve it. Hackers normally can delete all your files

Step 3

Look at your WordPress site and delete any inactive WordPress themes and plugins. More often than not, this is where hackers hide there backdoor.

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