7 Facts about Website Development

Facts about Website Development

Website Development: Check out 7 Facts about Website Development that Your Boss will Love to Discover

The creation of sites is a decisive stage in the life of a company today. Not being in the network is a real mistake that every time managers and entrepreneurs try not to commit, since the virtual market has grown a lot and gained prominence in relations with customers.

If you are looking to discover the importance of being in the virtual environment and want to hire a website development company in Dubai to kick this off, it is important to know some facts that collaborate with better results and that will enable the ranking of your website.

Here are important points in the process of creating your website:

  1. Responsive sites better position in organic searches

Responsive sites adapt to all screen types and formats, thereby ensuring a better lead experience by accessing the company page, whether through the computer or a smartphone.

Coupled with the correct choice of keywords, they allow a page to rank among the first results of Google as well as other search engines as well.

  1. User experience

Continuously evaluating how leads experiences with the page are extremely important so that opportunities are not lost between the stages of the hopper.

How much time does your user spend navigating between the pages of your company website? Does it interact? What is the conversion rate behind the access numbers?

All of these answers will help you understand whether or not the user experience is satisfactory!

  1. Design for conversion

One of the most common reasons for the low conversion of a website is the design. Although it seems insignificant, the design is decisive since the decision to stay in a site is taken in very few seconds of access.

Once browsing the company pages, the visitor must also be attracted to the whole set so that it continues to follow the funnel and become a lead.

  1. SEO optimization also matters!

The structure of the pages designed by your website development company in Dubai should follow the precepts and act directly in the best optimization of the site. To do so, in this context, it is imperative to put into practice the strategies and SEO tactics.

This practice of digital marketing has proven to be the main responsible for positioning organically.

  1. Call to actions

The call to action plays a crucial role in the process of converting leads into pages since it is responsible for drawing the reader’s attention to a next step, a path to solving your problem, and so on.

In the early stages, you should invite the lead to subscribe to newsletters, learn about other content, or download a file. In the final stages can be, even, “Buy now!”

  1. Name of images

Any letter or dot added on a virtual page is capable of improving or hindering Google’s indexing, so it’s really important to think of the details to leverage and improve the company’s digital results.

In a website, the correct naming of the images helps the search engines to better classify the content leading to the first results.

  1. Site content

Another determining point for the success of a website or blog is the publication of relevant, interesting content that aims to treat the lead in some way. If your content is not meeting these basics, it’s time to study a bit about content marketing!

Investing in hiring a good website development company in Dubai will surely collaborate with incredible results for the business. Tracking and measuring results will enable improvements that will please every prospect and customer. Think about it!