Best Integrated Development Environments for Android Game Development


Developing an android application is probably the most sought after profession in the modern era courtesy the ever-increasing exposure of businesses to the online domain. Although website creation is a great strategy for penetrating the online interface, a mobile application is something that helps a business reach out to each and every standalone user, in a seamless yet professional manner. However, being an android developer isn’t as easy as it sounds and comes with a host of intricacies, especially pertaining to the preferred Integrated Development Environment. Moreover with Android app development in Dubai and even other parts of the world growing in leaps and bounds, it is necessary to understand more about the best IDE options for developing a functional application or even a game in that regard.

While applications have their own position, in regard to the technological landscape, Android app development in Dubai, at present, is slightly more inclined towards the Android games. Here are out top five Integrated Development Environment choices for craving out the best android game ever:

Unreal Engine

If you are looking for real-time technology for adding cinematic experiences and enterprise outlook to the games, Unreal Engine should be the preferred IDE that needs to be worked with. That said, this Environment is compatible, in regard to gaming solutions across diverse platforms. A majority of services related to android app development in Dubai use Unreal Engine for real-time Photoreal Rendering, Exceptional Multiplayer framework, Flexible yet Robust Material Editor, powerful Content Browser, and a host of other attributes.


Probably the best IDE for creating desktop and mobile-specific games, Corona comes with functional cross-platform capabilities and allows one to work across different platforms. The best thing about this IDE is that a unified code system is used for each platform, regardless of android, iOS, or even Windows and the need for separate projects are eliminated. Corona uses LUA as the scripting language and is highly streamlined and optimized for performance.


Most of the services pertaining to Android App development in Dubai make use of Unity as the go-to IDE, precisely for its two and three dimensional graphic support. While there are a host of technical attributes added to Unity, developers use it primarily for the excellent video and audio quality it offers to the games besides supporting runtime debugging.

GameMaker: Studio

The reality of android app development in Dubai is incomplete without mentioning GameMaker: Studio— the perfect IDE for developing 2D games. The best thing about this is that minimal coding is necessary and in case additional customizations are to be added, one can always rely on the GML or Game Make Language for support.

CopperCube 5

While this IDE exports to Android, Mac, and even Windows with comparable precision, it is primarily used for the visual and terrain editor— features that are necessary in regard to Android app development in Dubai and even game development.

One can easily choose between the mentioned IDEs for an impeccable gaming experience on Android.