4 Functional Ecommerce Themes used for WordPress Website Development


It is evident that businesses are constantly spreading their wings across the digital domain for attention and increased sales. However, WordPress, being one of the most sought after options for building resourceful websites, has always been in the limelight especially for companies that are looking to start with ecommerce setups. With the Middle East evolving into a rapidly growing market for diverse businesses, it’s time we start looking closely at the WordPress website development in Dubai, for understand more about the process and strategies used for business for growing.

In the subsequent sections, we shall discuss a bit more about the best ecommerce themes for WordPress

, keeping website development as the focal point.

  • Shopkeeper

For someone looking to add a different outlook to the ecommerce store, Shopkeeper is probably the best theme in picture. Firstly, this is a highly customized option which offers continuous learning options to the concerned users, especially if they are new. Moreover, WooCommerce compatibility is also a pertinent feature associated with this theme which is quite popular for WordPress website development in Dubai. What stands out about Shopkeeper is that minimal coding knowledge is required and all the translations are supported following the WPML plugin.

  • Divi

This theme certainly comes with WooCommerce functionality and works even without prior coding knowledge. Moreover, in regard to the Ecommerce platforms and WordPress website development in Dubai, Divi primarily focuses on the frontend ‘page builder’ and the seamless editing techniques for helping out the concerned individuals.

  • Halena

If you have sought out professional WordPress website development in Dubai, you are bound to have experienced the diverse functionalities of halena— a WordPress theme that comes forth with minimalistic designs, quick viewing mode, and a large yet usable collection of templates. This is probably the only theme that attracts clients in the best possible manner without them having to wait indefinitely for the pages to load. Some of the additional attributes associated with Halena include AJAX filtering and functional WPBakery Page Builder.

  • Artemis

Here is an extremely sophisticated theme that is best known for the unmatched shop fonts on display. Moreover, in regard to WordPress website development in Dubai, Artemis is a highly essential inclusion courtesy the excellent after sales support, availability of a fully responsive layout, and the powerful yet trendy visual composer. In addition to that, this ecommerce theme is also known for the ‘drag and drop’ page builder and the slider revolution that make selections easy for the concerned customers. Primarily, this theme is used by developers who are looking to come up with elegant, classy, and utilitarian options for the concerned clientele.


Developing ecommerce websites for companies is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Although, most services pertaining to WordPress website development in Dubai are using innovation for offering the best set of services, the themes mentioned in the aforementioned sections can certainly give an edge to the companies— helping them develop highly functional solutions for the concerned companies.