Why Should You Choose React over Other JavaScript Platforms for Developing UIs?


For those who are interested in developing User Interfaces that actually work, React is probably the best library to work with. While this is one of the few JS libraries with component-based functionality, it trumps others in regard to a strengthened base and an expansive community supporting the same. Moreover, a majority of services related to mobile app development in Dubai clearly rely on Reach library, primarily for the component-specific aspect.

In the subsequent sections, we shall enumerate a few reasons why developers emphasize more on React in comparison to other JavaScript frameworks, especially in regard to mobile app development in Dubai and even across the world.


To be exact, React is comparatively easier to use as compared to some of the other JS platforms, especially when it comes to JavaScript documentation. Moreover, the component-specific approach is an additional attribute that makes a world of difference, especially while pitting this library against the likes of Angular and Ember.


While we always look for ease of usage and implementation, reusability is one of the primary reasons for selecting React, especially by service providers offering mobile app development in Dubai. React supports the usage of smaller yet functional components and allows developers to scale higher, eventually. Be it making use of buttons and dropdowns or going towards the bigger Wrapper component, the final ‘Root’ component comes across as a highly functional one. Moreover, a majority of these components, in regard to React, can be recycled for usage across other platforms.


React comes with an advanced set of tools that can be scaled according to user requirements. Moreover, each one of the available tools is compatible with diverse browsers. A majority of developers hail React in the highest regard, especially for the available toolset. The best and most reliable ones include ‘React Developer Tools’ followed by the ‘Redux Developer Tools’. That said, professional mobile app development in Dubai is highly biased towards React as it also allows each one of the mentioned toolsets to be installed as browser extensions.


One of the better features associated with React platform is the obvious testability. This means that developers associated with mobile app development in Dubai and even rest of the Middle East can easily test individual functions of the final application. Each one of the mentioned states can be further manipulated using the React View.


When it comes to using React in regard to mobile app development in Dubai and even across the world, it primarily comes down to the host of benefits it offers to the web masters. Some of the most obvious ones include the ease of understanding, application, and testing flexibility followed by extensive levels of performance synonymous with virtual DOMs and a decent set of developer tools. However, it all eventually comes down to the component-based flexibility that React offers in comparison to some of the more popular JavaScript platforms, in order to create fantastic applications.