9 Signs That It is the Right Time for You to Redesign Your Website

Redesign Your Website

After reading this post you will discover how your website should be and stay focused on attracting the target audience, converting that visitor audience into leads and generating sales.

A long time ago business owners thought about creating a website just to have their business card on the internet. Just like it were important (ego metrics) to mark presence, without a strategy aimed at generating effective results for your business.

Currently, however, hiring a professional website designing agency Dubai to create your company site should be much more than that, since 57% of the entire purchase process is carried out long before any contact with any vendor (we are talking about physical companies), because if we consider the Virtual Stores, contact with a seller ends most of the time and does not actually exist.

Therefore, creating a company’s website should be strategic for reaching your audience (which is at various stages of the buying process) and conducting new business. Basically, this translates into having a lightweight, easy-to-navigate website, well-positioned for internet searches, focused on attracting your target audience and converting visitors into leads, and spurring relationships with them until they become company.

Signs to redesign your website:


1- Creating / developing a responsive website means being present on all devices (Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile) and this is very important for digital strategies; Is your site not responsive? You’ll be penalized for Google’s organic searches. Think very well about hiring a good website designing agency Dubai for development of a responsive website in the first place, because your positioning in organic searches may be impaired (not to mention the other SEO rules) for sure.

2- Do your current pages take a long time to open / load in the browser? You’re already being penalized by Google for organic searches. The site should be fast and light (code and server).

3- Do you generate traffic through a blog? This is of paramount importance to relate to your target audience and generate a better position in Google searches. If you do not already have one, my suggestion is to create a blog and embed it in your current website. But remember! The content must be very relevant to the attraction and retention of the target audience.

4- Has your company modernized? Track the visual evolution of your site and pass the right impression to your audience. Every 2 or 3 years get redo the design of your site from a good website designing agency Dubai and follow the natural evolution of things.

5 – Do not want to stay behind your competition? Your company must follow your market and invest in innovation. Watch the steps of your competitor and stay ahead (up-to-date communication, platform, technology, up-to-date website, aligned business strategies and marketing).

6- Check if it’s time to update the brand, logo and communication.

7- Does your site not convert visitors into leads? Something very wrong should be happening in communicating with your audience. Creating a site geared towards this is essential! Work with “Call to actions” and “Landing Pages” to further increase conversion.

8- The number of sales coming from this important channel is low? We have a big problem to solve, because this source you need to consider one of the most important to win new customers.

9 – Study on new marketing, content marketing for visitor attraction and conversion into Leads! No more doing the same and wanting to achieve different results! The methodology of disclosure on the internet changes at all times and knows that ancient strategy infallible? So it may be that it is not worth anything to you now, think about it! Always look for an expert on the subject.