Top Ten Website Development Trends

Redevelop your Website

The biggest trends adopted by web designing companies in Dubai

As much as social media marketing is important for the success of your business, so is a website. Being the first point of interaction, a website should keep up with the on-going trends. To get the best results, it is recommended to use the expert services of a web development company in Dubai to ensure that your website not only looks sleek and modern, but has the right information and insights that your customer seeks.

While 2018 has focused largely on user experience, Sandhesh Solutions, an integrated web and ecommerce development company in Dubai has outlined the top ten website trends that are simple, yet effective.

Website should be mobile friendly: Gone are the days when users would look up a website on a desktop. Fast forward today, and most transactions and interactions happen over a mobile phone. As such, it is imperative that your website design company in Dubai understands the importance of developing a mobile friendly website to ensure quick interactions.

Include emojis in your website: If you thought emojis were limited to social media tools, now is the time to reconsider your approach. Emojis can convey a lot without actually displaying a text message. If used efficiently, it can make your website a popular tool.

Make use of ChatBots on your website: Most web development companies in Dubai are now opting for highly personalized and intelligent Chatbots that would respond to your request of service over the website. These chatbots are not only friendly and responsive, but can also churn results faster. So, the next time you see an assistant pop-up, you now know that it’s nothing, but a chatbot.

Use animation for your website: Animation is an interactive mechanism of conveying a message. In this fast-paced world, where time is short, animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time. That’s not all, animations are engaging and informative at the same time.

Narrate a story through your website: Storytelling is the key to a popular website, and most web designing companies in Dubai incorporate this strong element to capture users’ attention. While storytelling can effectively convey a brand’s strength it’s unique approach can help it steer ahead of competition.

Speed should be of paramount importance for your website: While it’s a good idea to have elements that can make your website look different from competition, ensure that your website focuses on speed during the design process. Speed is extremely important if your website involves transactions, and as such most ecommerce website development companies in Dubai rely on minimalist elements to ensure that the website functions seamlessly.

Incorporate a flat design for the website: Clean, uncluttered, or flat designs not only look great, but also keep users hooked to the website and can add high SEO value. For websites that require ecommerce transactions, it is often recommended to keep the design simple.

Add a pinch of colour to your website: While there are several brands who prefer to adopt a black and white approach for their website, adding a pinch of colour can add depth and texture to your web layout.

Choose quality over quantity for your website: Content is the key to your website. It not only helps determine your expertise in the industry, but also positions you differently from your competition. Ensure that your content follows a systematic word rule, short and concise, along with being informative. Accurate content will keep your customers satisfied which will pay off in the long run.

Make use of varied sized fonts for your website: It’s only recently that there are varied fonts available to suit the needs of your website. Use fonts which are appealing to the eyes and fits well with your design.

A customised website is the best approach to convey your brand’s message. As such, it is recommended that you opt for services of an expert web development company in Dubai to stay ahead of your game.