Smart Six: Website Development Trends for 2019


Web development companies in Dubai underline the top website development trends for 2019

It has been observed that 57 percent of businesses all around the world invest in new trends to steer ahead of the competition, and website development is a crucial element. Key web designing companies in Dubai have underlined several trends that will govern website development this year, however, here’s our pick of top website development trends for 2019-

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are similar to mobile applications. They offer features similar to the application in mobile phones, such as camera, offline support and much more. These progressive web apps can run on any type of browser and are easy to use, thereby having a mass reach.

Single Page Applications

One of the top website development trends for 2019 is single page applications. True to its name, these single page applications feature all the information on one page, conveniently evading the need for intricate and complex navigation. In addition, these websites run on any browser and its simplistic look and feel makes it a popular feature for 2019.

Shadows and 3D View

One of the most underrated elements of a website has been the use of shadows and 3D views. Although these elements have been around for quite some time, most web development companies in Dubai have ignored its strength. In the coming year, shadows and 3D views will garner the top position, due to its ability to offer a real-time notion of the website.

User Behaviour Tracking

Key for every website, nothing matters more than tracking user behaviour. 2019 will oversee web development companies in Dubai offer user behaviour tracking, which will enable business owners to keep a track and check user behaviour. Some of the key elements that this feature will permit include – user interaction, number of clicks, patterns of choice and much more. User Behaviour Tracking is a must-have technology for the web development this year.

Page Load Time

It’s no secret that a user’s attention span is limited to ten seconds. As such, the time to load a website should be quick. Making your visitors wait is not only unprofessional, but may also result in losing a potential customer. Ensure that the website is designed with the help of a professional website designing company in Dubai to avoid page load time. 2019 will favour those websites that are quick to load.

Voice Based Search

Voice-based search has become extremely popular in recent times, and the positive momentum seems to continue in 2019. With the increase in the use of these digital assistants, website development needs to look into the evolution of voice-based technology, which is like the missing piece of a giant puzzle.

In addition to these website development trends 2019, it is anticipated that technologies as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and IoT will also be implemented on a massive scale this year. Whatever the trend, ensure that you get a professional website development company in Dubai to stay ahead of your game.