About Web Hosting

Web Hosting is divided in 3 types


Lets learn what hosting actually means

In very simple terms Hosting is basically a place where you store your website files

Computer has a hard drive processor ram etc that deals with the basic operations like editing copying deleting and so on.

So we say a computer that store files and is capable of performing operations on them and it has CPU, it has memory hard drive and other components and Operating System based on Linux is a server.

It is also important to know about what or who is the hosting provider. It is a company who has a in house server and takes care of the files famously known Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator, and more.

Now Let us get into more detail one by one.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting means you are not the owner as the word it self indicates “shared” multiple website hosted on the same server is a shared hosting. Your site is placed on a server with other websites to share the resources.

VPS Hosting

An advance step if ignoring shared hosting if you need to install specific packages or software not provided by shared hosting than this option is yours. It gives you admin access unlike shared hosting to the operating system.

Dedicated Hosting

When you have visitors or million impressions on your website dedicated hosting gets you access to the full server no other website will consume memory from your server. It includes full admin access like VPS

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