The 3 Main Features of a Website Design That Sells

Think for a second about the last website you visited.

Firstly, why did you access it? And what did you end up doing?

Today, websites are like a beautiful restaurant – There is delicious food, but if you overeat, you will have indigestion.

  • Too many buttons (not to mention a million social-sharing widgets)
  • Excessive distractions and many objects that shine
  • Lots of clutter – gift vouchers, get to know the team, product page, company info, shopping card

Read on to learn how the top 3 features of your contact page (can be your homepage or whatever you decide) can radically hold your visitors and increase your conversion rates. You should also discuss them with website designing company Dubai when getting your website designed.


Top 3 Design Features of a Website

The user experience is composed of 3 factors: focus, perception and functionality. These 3 factors, working together, give your visitor a full perception of your brand (but, perhaps not the one you’d like to convey).

That is why it is very important to ensure these 3 factors with your website designing company Dubai to have the design of an initial page of your website that will succeed.



Building the focus of your home page on your site starts by defining something called the desired action of the user. It is important to understand this concept, to be effective marketers.

The desired action of the user is the behaviour that you want the visitor, user, or reader of your website to have when it arrives on your homepage.

Ask yourself “What is the purpose of this website”? You want your customers to:

  • Interact with content
  • Participate in an event
  • Start experimenting with a product
  • Share information
  • Go to a newsletter or other digital content
  • Buy a product



Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds to get a first impression? Yes, that’s right – just 7 seconds!

Because of this, the perception of your users when viewing your home page is a very important feeling of them. It is also important to keep the perception of the users when arriving at your home page, consistent with the general aspect of your brand. Make the colours, fonts, images, banners and style of your content look evenly across the page.



The functionality is tied to the work behind the scenes, creating an always focused and intriguing homepage.

What does your homepage actually do?Always having in mind the desired action of the user, the Function refers to how you actually show the tools that allow your visitor to choose, interact with content, view images and videos, etc.

By placing buttons, interactive features and shapes on your homepage, each of these individual pieces must have an explicit purpose.

Ask yourself, what is the point of clicking or of noticing something in this visual field? Does this lead the visitor to the purchase page, or perhaps to a product demo?

Anything that the user can interact with, click on, type and push must be related to the desired action of the user and the ultimate goal of your page – otherwise, there is no reason for it to exist!

Always remember to – determine the Focus of your home page, give it an explicit Perception and, with each Function placed on the page, ensure that it is related to the desired action of the user.

Now it’s the turn of website designing company Dubai how it designs the pages!