Want To Make A Champion App For Your Business? Learn Which Errors To Avoid

To make a perfect Android app for the public of your business, you should avoid some mistakes. Find out what they are!

It is increasingly latent the need for companies to be close to their respective audiences. One way to achieve this is the Android App development Dubai.

This realization leads entrepreneurs like you to seek the necessary means to develop an application, however, the hurry ends up leading to an error. That’s why we’ve listed in this article the key attitudes you should avoid in Android App development Dubai.

Learn the nine mistakes when creating an app and learn how to avoid them!


  1. Not knowing the target audience well

The development of any project depends, fundamentally, on some aspects. One of the main ones is the knowledge about the target audience – which, in this case, are the users of the application. You should do a detailed study of people’s needs, expectations and problems in order to deliver the best solution.

The professional or Android App development Dubai Company that is responsible for the development of the applied must carry out surveys, interviews and simulations with potential users. The result of these actions allows drawing the persona profile, a semi-fictional character that represents the ideal user.


  1. Do not evaluate the choice of platforms for the application

Currently, we have two large and popular operating systems for mobile devices: Android and iOS. Choosing one or both systems is of utmost importance to your application. Many developers limit themselves to saying the advantages of each, but they forget the user profile of those systems.

For this reason, it is important to make a survey about the type of operating system your target audience uses.


  1. Want to copy existing applications

During the process of creating your business Android application, it is crucial that you benchmarking. This is an evaluation of your application against competitors. The purpose of this knowledge exchange is to incorporate the best characteristics of the competitor’s product and to overcome it in those that are considered weaknesses. Warning, this is not copied!


  1. Do not think about application flow

Another common mistake when creating an application occurs when we forget to draw a stream of activity that the user will do. Setting this flow is important to trace the steps needed to develop the app. In it, the screens of the application are drawn logically and wherever they take them.


  1. Have too many features or forget the main features

Do not try to please everyone! While developing your business application, focus on the needs of the person you’ve defined and do not try to develop an application with a lot of useless functionality.

The same goes for the lack of key functions. Deliver something that is truly useful to your customers.


  1. Disregard the UX design

This is a very important concept in the development of apps and websites.

Based on countless tests, the adaptations and corrections are made so that the navigation does not get confused and discourages the user. Remember that poor usability reflects on app appraisal, which can impact on attracting new customers.


  1. Forget to test the app in adverse scenarios

Seeing the application working perfectly on a next-generation device provides one of the best sensations during the authoring process, but make no mistake about it. Remember that there are other devices that are not new or so powerful, so ask yourself: Does your application work on them?


  1. Develop the app on free platforms

The internet has made life a lot easier for entrepreneurs and today it is very easy to find free platforms for application development. The fact is that if you want to be successful with your app, you need to satisfy the main involved in using it: the user.


  1. Consider that the application that sells itself

The last error listed in this article is to consider that once the app is sold alone. There’s no point in putting it in the operating system store and waiting for all the users you want to start downloading. A marketing strategy must be defined from within the app’s planning.