Building Your Online Presence: 5 Small Business Mistakes

Want to take your company to the online world? So check out the 5 mistakes small businesses make and avoid them when trying to get built your online presence.

Building an online presence can be one of the wisest decisions for any website development company Dubai in today’s connected world.

Since most of your customers are active online on a daily basis, online elements – when well executed – can make a big contribution to your marketing campaign.

However, establishing an online presence goes beyond creating a website and social networking for your company. Creating an online presence is working hard to remain visible and relevant to your potential customers.

The road to creating and maintaining an online presence is long and full of holes. However, if you want to take your small business to the digital world, be sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes.

  1. Do not have a website

As there are several potential customers on the Internet, you cannot afford not to have a website.

Even if you consider your business quite off-line – such as a beauty salon or a coffee shop – having a 100% functional website can help you open up new business opportunities.

Take an example of a real estate website: While the site allows visitors to browse through the available properties, a blog section provides articles on the real estate market. Thus, in addition to presenting the properties, the real estate company builds relationships with customers, offering useful advice. Great, is not it?

  1. Have a bad website

The first impression is always the one that stays and this is also applied online. In addition to a visually beautiful website, you need to ensure that the message you are trying to convey is clear.

Try to use visually strong images, publish quality content, and improve page load time. It is also interesting to have your address and contact easily visible.

  1. Not having a responsive website

According to the survey, mobile devices already account for almost 50% of views on websites worldwide. In other words, having a responsive website (optimized for smartphones and tablets) is essential for any business.

And what do you need to do to optimize your site for mobile phones and tablets?

  • Pages should load up to 3 seconds;
  • It should be easy to navigate;
  • The eye must be attracted to a call to action;
  • It automatically fits into the user’s device.
  1. Be present everywhere

Establishing your online presence does not mean that you need to create an account on all social networks. You will have your website, blog and other forms of advertising.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to produce different content for each platform. Sharing the same things on all social networks will not help you win over your audience. You will end up creating bored followers.

  1. Ignore local SEO

For every 100 Google users, 89 search for a local company at least once a week. That means only one thing: you cannot ignore the local SEO.

Even if you want to reach a larger audience, a local campaign can reward you with good results on Google. This will increase the visibility of your business and provide greater exposure for users close to your business.

Start establishing your online presence today!

There is no doubt here, right? Having a strong online presence can benefit a company in numerous ways.

Now, you already know which errors to avoid while taking your small business to the digital world. So hire a website development company Dubai, start building your online presence today and increase the potential of your business!