Cheap Website: How to Have a Quality Site Without Investing Too Much

Nowadays, investing in the digital media to advertise products and services has become indispensable for companies that want to grow and expand their business, since most people access the internet every day, making the digital environment very conducive to do business.

When it comes to the creation of a professional website by web development company Dubai, it is obvious that the ideal would be to invest in a personalized website with a unique and exclusive layout that would generate a competitive advantage, but the reality of many entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting out, does not allow a very high investment, so they end up resorting to cheaper or even free options.

Basically, there are 3 paths to follow for anyone who needs a website for their business:

  • Invest in a custom website;
  • Create a website on some leased platform;
  • Invest in a website based on a ready template.

So if you want to know which one fits your business better and if it is possible to have a cheap and quality website, keep reading this article and know the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Option 1 – Custom Site

A custom website is nothing more than a site created from scratch by web development company Dubai, that is, it will be created solely and exclusively for your company, taking into consideration the visual identity of your business, the values of your company and the message you want to pass for your customers.

It is good to make it clear that if you have a consolidated company in the market that has the resources to create a website from scratch, do not hesitate to make that choice, because originality will always be a competitive differential in the midst of competition.

Option 2 – Site builder

Site creation platforms target micro and small entrepreneurs and allow users to configure, customize, and edit sites based on ready-made templates by simply dragging and dropping or inserting and deleting elements.

When it comes to a cheap site, you cannot compete with these platforms because they offer basic free plans – with some limitations of course – and other paid plans, in which you pay only a small monthly fee.

The idea that these companies sell is that it is very simple and easy for you to even create a cheap and wonderful website, able to promote your brand in a professional way on the web, but these statements are somewhat exaggerated, since these tools offer very basic features that end up not working for all companies.

Option 3 – Ready-made templates

We can say that ready-made templates are not exactly “ready”, because you actually buy a site template with a prefabricated structure and some existing features, but that need to be fully configured and customized according to the project. There is also the possibility to add and configure other features through free or paid plug-ins.

These templates have some limitations that will be presented next, but in contrast, they allow different configurations and a series of customizations that are able to make the site very personalized.


Final considerations

The rule is not the same for everyone. While some companies need a fully customized website to get their message across, others can get a good internet presence with a cheap website. It will depend a lot on business to business.

And always remember to hire a serious web development company Dubai, as this type of service requires people who are capable and who provide all the necessary support to your site.